SWISS P – The Sniper’s Choice

The cartridges of the SWISS P line have been developed especially for snipers and designed down to the last detail for a highly professional use. They offer an above-average hit accuracy and first-class reliability.

Over the usual operative range all cartridge types display the same point of impact, which we refer to as coordinated ballistics. An adjustment of the optics is thus unnecessary if the situation calls for a change of cartridge. This allows the shooter to fully concentrate on firing and always achieve the best first-shot effect.

The target-ballistic and intervention-oriented effect of the special projectiles is excellent in both the soft and hard target. They are barrel-friendly and ensure a constant point of impact from lot to lot.

Product range - The right cartridge for every mission:

SWISS P Ball: for military use, the classical full-metal jacket.

SWISS P Target: for contests, training and duty.

SWISS P Styx Action: for a final emergency shot.

SWISS P Final SR: for a final emergency shot at close range.

SWISS P Armour Piercing: for protected targets.

SWISS P Tactical: for a precise shot behind glass.

SWISS P Subsonic: for a silent shot.

SWISS P Subsonic Final: for a silent emergency shot at close range.





Win. Mag.

Lapua Mag.

Ball X   X X X
Target X   X X X
Styx Action X   X X X
Final SR X   X    
AP X   X X X
Tactical     X X X
Subsonic   X X    
Subs. Final   X X