What RUAG expects from its employees

Professionalism in dealings with each other
RUAG staff members make a contribution to joint, successful collaboration by taking the following to heart:

  1. I communicate openly and give honest feedback.
  2. I accept responsibility and have a conscious approach to costs and risks.
  3. I am open to new, sustainable solutions, and I use changes as an engine to drive our shared success.
  4. I work together with the team in an atmosphere of respect and trust, and I continue to develop myself.

Our employees are the foundation of our success.

  • You have strong specialist and interpersonal skills.
  • You are willing to give your very best, and to work with enthusiasm and drive in order to reach set goals.
  • You take the initiative and are personally committed.
  • You are interested in your professional and personal development and are open to change.

Employee identification
As an employee, you are very enthusiastic about the RUAG Group's comprehensive portfolio.

  • You are fascinated by RUAG's technical expertise and identify with the company, its goals and values.
  • Customer-focused, entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour is second nature to you.

Team spirit
Working together to ensure mutual success!

  • You are skilled at integrating and actively working in a team.
  • Respect and mutual trust are important to you.
  • You are able to give fellow colleagues and managers open, constructive feedback, and are also receptive to this kind of feedback.