Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System

Management and ISO certification

RUAG Ammotec actively operates an Integrative Management System based on the strategic objectives of the RUAG Holding company, its values and code of conduct. This system applies to RUAG Ammotec’s quality, safety, environment protection and energy use and meets the requirements of the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 50001 as well as the NATO specifications AQAP 2110.

All relevant activities of the enterprise are presented as processes and steered efficiently. The compliance with legal requirements is a matter of course in the interest of protecting the environment and to guarantee the safety. Beyond this we take reasonable measures of our own initiative and responsibility in order to use energy carefully, whereby we also integrate our business partners. Our policy is the basis for our actions:

  • We ensure steady growth by constantly improving the quality, reliability, safety and environmental compatibility of our products and services.
  • The ongoing dialogue with our customers and suppliers is important to us. We reliably translate customer requirements within economically reasonable limits.
  • In our research and development work for new production processes and products we apply environment-compatible technologies and use all resources as gently as possible.
  • In our investment planning we set priorities for projects which make sense from the environment, energy and climate point-of-view.
  • All processes within our enterprise contributing to the increase in value are aligned to the goals of the owners, the market and the environment, whereby the focus is on the preventive avoidance of errors rather than the subsequent correction of errors.
  • RUAG Ammotec ensures that qualified and satisfied employees work in safe job stations.
  • Our employees are actively engaged in our improvement processes.
  • We permanently optimize our energy consumption and encourage the avoidance of waste as well as the careful use of water in compliance with environmental principles.
  • We abide by all relevant legal regulations and meet the environment-political requirements laid down of our own free will.
  • We have straightforward and clear rules concerning competences and responsibilities. Our procedures and processes ensure the high standards of quality, safety, protection of the environment and energy use in all areas of our enterprise.
  • We actively and constantly further develop the efficient use of energy and resources in production.