Frangible Ammunition

Training without Ricochet

RUAG's Frangible-bullets have been specially designed for police, military and security training scenarios. The shooters can engage the targets closer, without the risk of being hit by a backsplash or ricochet.


„As ye train, so shall ye fight“

In many cases marksmanship-training is limited to static precision shooting. Dynamic training is missing due to time and budget constraints. There is always light in the shooting range, it is warm, the target is fixed and the hands don't shake from excitement…

Conventional Full Metal Jacked cartridges don't allow it, to engage a target closer than 15m because the risk of being hit by a backsplash or ricochet is too high. But „As ye train, so shall ye fight“ has always prooved itself. Every shooter has to go through a realistic short distance training! Weapon and ammunition has to correspond to the equipment carried on duty. Distractions like bad light conditions, noise, other persons or animals have to be included into the training scenarios.

In training with blank or marking cartridges often the "Game effect" is critisised. Because the trainee knows that nothing serious can happen, he tends to take too many risks and doesn't concentrate enough on his cover. Frangible ammunition however is lethal! This provides in training a stress level which is comparable to duty.


COPPER-MATRIX - the best Frangible

  • no backsplashes or ricochets on hard targets
  • upon impact complete disintegration into small fragments
  • majoity of fragments < 1 % of the bullet weight
  • fragments loose their energy very quickly and aren't dangerous after a short distance
  • copper particles are bound in polymer and cannot cause respiratory or filtering issues
  • 4.6x30 / 5.56x45 / 12-Gauge also suitable as duty ammunition with high stopping power
  • patented COPPER-MATRIX technology
  • equipped with low polluting SINTOX® primer

COPPER-MATRIX bullets, are completely lead-free, environmentally friendly and can be recycled completely.