SINTOX® - Undisputed No. 1 in the Non-toxic Priming Technology

SINTOX® is a further development of the SINOXID-technology, which has stood for functionally reliable corrosion-free technology since 1928.


  • Free from toxic heavy metals like barium, lead and antimony.
  • The shooters and shooting range personnel are not exposed to pollutants.
  • Complete reliability and perfect functional stability, also under extreme conditions.
  • Constancy of igniting the propellant charge within an extreme temperature range from -30°C to +50°C.
  • Best retained stability in storage also under critical storage conditions.
  • Extraordinary ignition sensitivity.
  • No formation of corrosion or erosion in the barrel.
  • Successful on the market for more than twenty years.
  • Used with several NATO-qualified cartridges.



SINTOX-FORENSIS® – Meets All Forensic and Investigative Requirements

Over the last years the SINTOX®-technology has been further developed to provide evidence of gunshot residue. This allows submitting a clear proof of


  • whether or not police ammunition was used,
  • from which distance the shot was fired.


Search and analysis of smoke particles is performed by means of SEM (scanning electron microscope) or EDX (energy dispersive X-ray analysis). The tracer element gadolinium from the group of rare earth metals is used as a marking substance. Another marking substance can be used according to customer specifications.

Determination of the distance from which the shot was fired is performed by means of chemographic proof (staining method).