Fuze safety

The reliable fuze

The crucial part of every hand grenade is the fuse. It must function safely and reliably over a wide temperature range. The pyrotechnical fuse DM82A4-CH is laid out especially for hand grenades and complies with the specifications of MIL-STD-331B. Basis for this was the fuse of the Swiss hand grenades produced by the millions and subjected to intensive testing. Additionally - and unlike most other hand grenade fuses - the DM82A4-CH displays an excellent environmental compatibility.


The most stringent safety regulations are met

The RUAG hand grenade satisfies the highest safety standards as regards transport, storage and combat. The pyrotechnical ignition chain is only started after the safety pin has been pulled and the hand grenade has left the hand. It is only during the operating sequence of this ignition chain, and in fact enabled by it, that the fuse moves mechanically to the live position so that an ignition becomes possible. This makes an unintentional or premature ignition of the hand grenade impossible. Additionally, a safety clip is available for increased safety during transport.