HG 85 Line

The HG 85 line convinces the users not only by its outstanding effect, but also by the safety features and the ease of handling. Moreover, different types of practice and offensive grenades supplement the defensive grenades ideally to form a complete product line.


RUAG Ammotec offers various types of hand grenades which enable a safe and cost-effective training. The drill hand grenade (Drill 85) is completely inert and suitable for training in the theory room. The blank cartridges of the training hand grenade (THG 85 Training Sound) can be replaced after each throw. This makes the training hand grenade reusable. To make the training more realistic and to document correct handling, the blank cartridges emit a crack.

The explosive training hand grenade (ETHG 85 Training Explosive) enables a realistic training on the shooting grounds. The aluminium body and the reduced quantity of explosive produce almost no fragments, so that the hazard potential is reduced considerably.


Hand grenades for action

The fragmentation hand grenade (HG 85 Fragmentation) is based on the most advanced technology and penetrates present-day protective wear effectively. Another plus is that this hand grenade ranks among the safest as regards action, storage and transport.

The hand grenades of RUAG Ammotec have been used by armed forces all over the world for many years.