Calibres 12/70 and 12/76

Police units, but also armed forces, use the calibres 12/70 or 12/76 for operations at close range. The high energy and the possibility of accommodating projectiles of other types in the relatively large cartridge volume make the calibres attractive. RUAG Ammotec offers ammunition for two kinds of operation: Entry for the opening of doors and windows, and projectiles for actions in which the highest stopping effect has to be achieved.


12/70 Magnum ENTRY

This special ammunition permits to destroy door locks or to remove window panes, and this with the lowest possible risk of fragments forming behind the target. A projectile of pressed metal powder destroys the obstacle and decomposes to a cloud of metal after the energy is deposited. Doors can thus be opened without hazard to the persons in the room behind. This ammunition type is also suitable to eliminate IEDs or detonating traps.


Ammunition with stopping effect

These ammunition types allow to fire projectiles with a good precision, whereby the high energy produces an optimal stopping effect at a short distance without danger of perforation.