Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) Ammunition

The calibre 4.6x30 has been tailored to meet unique requirements of police and military special forces, combat-support soldiers and close personal protection. The system is light and compact enough to be carried on the body permanently, but also sufficiently accurate and powerful to enable effective action against unprotected and protected targets at an extended distance.

Spotlight: 4.6x30 AP SX

4.6x30 AP SX

High penetration capacity on armoured targets. This lead-free cartridge combines an outstandingly high penetration capacity with a good energy transfer in soft targets (maximum penetration in uncovered gelatine < 28.5 cm). The projectile penetrates the NATO CRISAT target (1.6mm plate of titanium + 20 layers of Kevlar) up to 200m. Ideal range up to 100m.