Training Systems for Large Calibres

It is essential for unit commanders to improve effectiveness by raising the level of training.

The constant increases in the cost of materials and the shortage of sufficiently extensive firing ranges often have the result that, in particular, the necessary amount of training is not carried out by the soldiers.

To overcome these restrictions, RUAG has developed subcaliber firing training systems being in service meanwhile with many armed forces throughout the world as reliable, effective and low-cost training devices.

Our Systems offer the following possibilities:

  • to carry out frequent and economical firing training
  • to carry out training on very limited training grounds, that is to say close to the barracks or by observing some small safety regulations even within the barracks itself
  • to avoid wear and tear on the operational weapons or to reduce it to a relatively low level
  • to observe the training in a small area and to give the troops the opportunity of observing their colleagues and thereby to learn to organize the individual functions within the Unit and thereby economically, within a shortened period of time, to optimize the standard of training.

 We supply subcaliber firing training systems for:

  • Artillery Units
  • Mortar Units