Artillery Trainings System "ATS"

More than 30 armed forces, among them those of many NATO countries, have been relying on ATS 14.5 mm for years.

Training Device

The training device has a rifled barrel of 14.5 mm calibre and is available in two versions:

  • as a standard equipment on a tripod with levelling mechanism, aiming mechanism including elevation and deflection gears. The panoramic telescope from the service gun is employed with the equipment.
  • as an inbore equipment which is fitted into the breech or chamber of the service gun. This version can be supplied for all types and calibres of guns.


ATS Cartridge 14.5x51

The 14.5 mm calibre training cartridge is available as:

  • practice round with impact fuse
  • practice round with pyrotechnic time fuse with 3 sec or 6 sec delay. The rounds are available with 3 different charges.

Due to its configuration the projectiles do not break into fragments on impact. They contain a smoke charge to facilitate observation which is expelled with an audible report either on impact or after 3 or 6 secs for those cartridges fitted with time fuses.

Air burst shoots can be simulated by using the practice round with time fuses.


Range Tables and Artillery Computers

A special range table, which is provided with the Trainer, includes all the data necessary for the formation of a Fire Order. It enables the engagement of practice targets in lower and upper register at ranges from 50 m to 1,150 m.

The use of artillery computers is possible.