Mortar Training System "MT 25"

The training unit (dummy)

The training unit (dummy) The training unit is an exact copy (dummy) of the original mortar shell as far as shape and weight are concerned. It is used in the corresponding system (60 mm, 81 mm or 120 mm). This training unit is equipped with a practice cartridge and then loaded and fired like a live grenade. Hereby the dummy flies only a few metres from the barrel and drops on the ground, while the projectile of the practice cartridge flies to the target. The training unit can be equipped with a new practice cartridge any number of times, i.e. its useful life is practically unlimited.

Practice ammunition

The practice ammunition comes in cartridge form. The cartridges contain a smoke charge which, in combination with a crack, is ignited in the target by a point-detonating fuse. The resulting cloud of smoke permits to watch where the impact occurs.

A special trajectory table is available for the four different charges, allowing firing ranges from 70 m to 520 m. The trajectory table is enclosed with the training unit. Blank cartridges are available next to the practice cartridges. They are also fired from the training unit and simulate the firing crack.