Ammunition and Explosive Disposal

The expert and proper disposal of conventional ammunition, civil and military explosives as well as pyrotechnical products is one of areas of our competence. This means that we offer environment-friendly solutions covering the complete life cycle of the ammunition, whereby much emphasis is placed on maintaining resources and reusing valuable raw materials.


For our customers we dispose of the following:

  • obsolete ammunition and its components (from large to small calibre, also from finds)
  • civil and military explosives
  • pyrotechnical products
  • explosive production waste
  • explosives in industrial components
  • flammable or explosive chemicals


    To our customers belong:

    • Swiss Army and other armed forces
    • police and public authorities
    • civil users of explosives


    Most Sophisticated Processes for Highest Safety

    To protect our environment and our employees to maximum extent we introduce the most modern equipment and processes. The following technologies are the basis for our activities in the area of disposing:

    • manual dismantling
    • automatic dismantling
    • armoured and tunnel furnaces for thermal disposal
    • water jet cutting
    • regeneration of TNT