OPATS – Laser-based UAS Landing System

OPATS (Object Position and Tracking System) is a proven laser-based automatic landing system for UAV’s. This system developed and produced by RUAG is compatible with a wide range of unmanned aircraft systems independent from their size. More than 100 OPATS are currently in service with the Swiss Air Force and many other customers.


  • Fully automated (hands off) landing
  • Minimization of human errors and damage to UAV during landing
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Reduction of pilot training efforts and minimization of flight noise in training area
  • Working in GPS denied environment
  • Cost-effective solution compared to radar based landing systems
  • Mission proven system
  • Reliable during day, night, rain and snow
  • Low detectability as it is a passive landing system


  • Laser radar on a movable, two axis platform with a tripod
  • Electronic unit
  • Battery
  • Cables between laser radar, electronic unit and battery
  • Retro reflector (on UAV)