missim: tailored to your unique needs


Whether you need your missim with just the laser emitter module, or require the full version with radar, missile, laser and Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) emitters, we have the right missim simulator for you.

missim is available with any combination of the 4 emitter classes:

  • Radar or wideband radar
  • Missile
  • Laser
  • Hostile Fire Indication (HFI)

Version of missim with radar emitter (on the left) vs. missim without radar emitter (on the right).


Customise your missim by choosing the colour that best fits your requirements. The versions of missim that include the radar emitter are available in the following three colour options: white, olive green or orange.

Power Supply

No matter where in the world you are based, your missim will be delivered to you with a plug and power cable matching your precise country socket specifications.