Recalibration & Maintenance

We recommend to recalibrate missim every 18 months.

Prior to recalibration, a system check and maintenance is performed. The condition of missim and all measurements performed are documented in a status report. The flat-rate fee for our standard requalification process is available upon request (excl. shipping cost).

The following services are available:


  • Visual inspection of missim
  • Cleaning and alignment of optics
  • Firmware upgrade (if applicable)
  • Repair or exchange of defective material (with owner's written approval)

Performance analysis

  • Diagnostic
  • Signal intensity check of UV-C LED
  • Laser intensity check and adjustments


  • In / Out inspection
  • Accuracy measurement
  • RUAG Calibration Report

Recalibration flow - how it works

  • Contact us to apply for a recalibration tracking number
  • Send us your missim along with the tracking number
  • We begin performing the recalibration process immediately
  • Your missim is returned to you with all relevant reports