Control Systems

In order to conduct precise and repeatable motion paths in a modern test environment, reliable and close coupled control systems are needed. A mechatronic system support is indispensable if a coordination between numerous multi-axis systems under loaded conditions has to be ensured. RUAG Aviation covers a broad spectrum in the design, development and realization of modern control systems, test benches and its necessary adapted infrastructure.

  • multi axis model manipulators
  • model control system for wheel-chassis coordination during automotive testing
  • controlled wake measurement equipment
  • adapted system solution for hardware and software supported by LabVIEW applications
  • data acquisition and reduction system
  • mechanical and hydraulical test benches
  • LabVIEW based model manipulator system
  • Shaker Model actuator system for dynamic driving modeling.

Technical papers on new developments and product characteristics can be found in the media centre section.