Propeller Aircraft

RUAG Aviation’s LWTE (Large Wind Tunnel Emmen) is used extensively for the development of passenger, transport and trainer propeller aircraft. Especially for conventional as well as for counter rotating open rotor (CROR) multi-engined airplane configurations, the challenges for powered wind tunnel testing lie in the large power density that is necessary to realistically simulate the propulsion system and the geometrical constraints e.g. for the sensors within the given scaled aerodynamic nacelle lines.

For many years, RUAG has focused on hydraulic motor technology to drive the propellers or fans of wind tunnel models. Robust engines which provide abundant power,  precise RPM control,  favorable temperature characteristics which allow continuous operation, reasonable investments in infrastructure and model hardware, low operating cost and high productivity are just a few of the advantages. Customers can rely on extensive expertise in the development and operation of customized hydraulic motors and their associated control and measurement systems for wind tunnel model applications.