Hydraulic Balance Crossings

Operating a hydraulic motor on the metric side of a high-precision balance (with the hydraulic power supply on the non-metric side) requires the routing of high-pressure oil at large flow rates and specific temperature over the sensitive balance in a usually very constrained space inside the model. Interference effects on the balance must be kept minimal and correctable by the balance crossing systems.


  • BC42-480-167: e.g. used for powered tests with 1 to 4 MP10 motors
  • BC42-480-777: e.g. used for powered tests with 1 to 4 MP10 motors
  • BC44-800-167: e.g. used for powered tests with 1 to 4 MP20 motors
  • BC22-12-788: e.g. used  for non-stationary automotive “Shaker” tests with 2 hydraulic mini-actuators
  • BC11-1400-300: e.g. used for propeller tests with a 800kW industrial motor

BC: Balance crossing

First number:
First digit: Number of independent pressure lines over balance
Second digit: Number of independent return lines over balance

Second number:
Nominal overall volume flow over balance (liters per minute)

Third number:
Nominal balance to be used with this balance crossing