Master Thesis - Design of a L-band output amplifier hybrid

The master thesis equals 30p in the MScEE program

There is an in-house design for an output amplifier hybrid that exists in two frequency variants, C- and Ku-Band. However, there is a need for a L-band version of this hybrid. The task is to design with the given size and in-/output interfaces of the existing hybrid, a L-band version of this hybrid. The frequency range is (as a minimum) 1400-1900 MHz, with a corresponding gain of about 25 dB. The Output Amplifier hybrid shall be designed for high linearity, with an intercept point of at least +36 dBm. The work involves characterisation of active devices, pHEMT, and the design, manufacturing and test of the complete hybrid. Available technology is micro-strip and strip-line on LTCC (i.e. Low temperature Co-fired Ceramic) which allows the use of multi-layer structures for compact designs.

For more information about the master thesis, please contact:

Robert Petersson, telephone +46 31 735 40 05, 

J├Ârgen Nilsson, telephone +46 31 735 44 17,

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