Design of a SSPA (GaN) and evaluating the SSPA linearity with 2-tone and NPR measurements

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For space born transmitters the use of traveling wave tubes (TWT) as transmitter output stages(power amplifiers) has been the common choice. The development of of GaN technology  opens up new possibilities to use solid state amplifiers (SSPA:s) in space. New satellite transmitter configurations may be possible. The major parameters for a SSPA is output power, efficiency and linearity. The GaN HEMT technology seems to withstand the radiation environment in space quite well compared to other technologies as silicon LDMOS. The use of SSPA:s simplifies the power supplies for the transmitters.

Work in the field of
Design of a solid state power amplifier, C-band or K-band. Building a SSPA prototype and evaluate the designed SSPA by performing measurements. Linearity shall be evaluated with two-tone and Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurements.
The work consists of a literature study, microwave design, purchase of components, assembly, measurements, report, and a presentation.

Relevant education is electrical engineering or engineering physics, majoring in microwave technology.

Thesis work extent
The work is a master of science thesis project of 30 credit points and the duration is 20 weeks for one student. The starting time is as soon as possible in agreement with the student.

For more information, please contact:
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