Design of a 14 to 12 GHz frequency converter based on commercial of the shelf (COTS) components

Do you want to be involved in developing the future technology? Space is a part of the daily work at RUAG Space.  We manufacture space products that are used in almost all satellites and rockets serving the world wide space industry and global needs.  

At RUAG Space we work in teams and have close collaboration in projects. We care about the balance between work and leisure through our flexible working conditions. 

We are located i G√∂teborg and Link√∂ping. RUAG Space AB is a part of the space division within RUAG Holding AG, a swiss technology group. The space division has approx. 1 100 employees in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Finland. 


For space born electronics there is a need to reduce cost, size, and development time. One cost driver is the requirement for semiconductor devices to be space qualified. This requirement also leads to a limited choice of devices which in turn limits the development of new functionality, size reduction, performance, etc. Therefore it would be attractive to use commercial of the shelf (COTS) devices.

Work in the field of
Design of a frequency converter and local oscillator based on commercial of the shelf (COTS) components. The input frequency is appr. 14 GHz and the output frequency is appr. 12 GHz. The converter is fed with a 2 GHz local oscillator with an accompanying phase locked loop. If possible a low noise amplifier can be added at the converter input.

The work consists of a literature study, electronic design, purchase of devices, assembly, measurements, report, and a presentation.

Relevant education is electrical engineering or engineering physics, majoring in microwave technology.

Theisis work extent
The work is a master of science thesis project of 30 credit points and the duration is 20 weeks for one student. The starting time is as soon as possible in agreement with the student.

For more information, please contact:
Robert Petersson, 031-735 40 05, robert.petersson(at) or
Klas Yhland, 031-735 45 50, klas.yhland(at)