Onboard File System Definition and Feasibility

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Traditionally data has been stored in large FIFOs or circular buffers on-board a spacecraft but the trend is towards using file systems and file also for spacecraft operations. Due to the harsh environment in space, special algorithms have to be used in order to avoid corruption of data or the file system itself.

Work in the field of
A fault tolerant file system for the satellite on-board central computer solid state mass memory shall be defined, designed, prototyped and evaluated. The work includes evaluation of different publically available file system architectures and algorithms and to find a suitable solution for the on-board mass memory, prototype the solution and evaluate performance and feasibility for a flight realization. The memory technologies available and foreseen for space use and the relatively limited processing capacity of on-board computers as well as protocols for accessing a file system in space have to be taken into account.

Masters programme majoring in electrical or computer engineering or similar.
Experience of programming in C is required.

Thesis work extent
This master thesis equals 30p in the MScEE program for 1 or 2 student(s).

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February 28, 2015

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