Master thesis work at Antenna Electrical Design

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Self diplexing array antenna elements with double circular polarization for the E1 and E5 bands

A new array antenna element should be designed for the L band. It should be self diplexing and cover the E1 (~1575 MHz) and E5 (~1189 MHz). It must be for simultaneous left hand and right hand circular polarization. It should also be as small as possible, in order to avoid grating lobes at the highest frequency in phased arrays. 

As a starting point, we already have an element for single polarization for the frequency bands L1 (~1575 MHz) and L2 (~1225 MHz). We think it is possible to modify and extend this element to fulfill the new requirements. 

It should also be a part of the work to examine concepts for how the element can be mechanically constructed.

The work should be a master thesis of 30 credits and the duration is 20 weeks for one student. The starting time should be as soon as possible in agreement with the student. Understanding of electromagnetic fields and antennas is strongly recommended. Relevant education is engineering, majoring in microwave technology, antennas or technical computations. 

For more information about the thesis work contact:
Johan Wettergren, tel: 031-7354034, johan.wettergren(at)