Master thesis work at Antenna Electrical Design

Do you want to be involved in developing the future technology? Space is a part of the daily work at RUAG Space.  We manufacture space products that are used in almost all satellites and rockets serving the world wide space industry and global needs.  

At RUAG Space we work in teams and have close collaboration in projects. We care about the balance between work and leisure through our flexible working conditions. 

We are located i G√∂teborg and Link√∂ping. RUAG Space AB is a part of the space division within RUAG Holding AG, a swiss technology group. The space division has approx. 1 100 employees in Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. 


Technical systems analysis of requirements and market potential for inter satellite link antennas

We need to know what the requirements will be on future antennas for inter satellite links. Using planned and suggested constellations as reference and starting point, we need to understand what will be required in terms of 

  • frequency bands
  • polarizations
  • coverage and directivity
  • potential pointing mechanisms
  • market price 

Candidates for the different applications should be considered and traded against each other in terms of performance and suitability for the market. 

The work should be a master thesis of 30 credits and the duration is 20 weeks for one student. The starting time should be as soon as possible in agreement with the student. Understanding of electromagnetic fields and antennas is strongly recommended. Relevant education is engineering, majoring in microwave technology, antennas or technical computations. 

For more information about the thesis work contact:
Johan Wettergren, tel: 031-7354034, johan.wettergren(at)