Working With Us

We believe that an important factor for success is having the right person at the right place. Important tasks for us as an employer is, therefore, to both attract new workers and to maintain and develop our employees. In order to attract new employees we meet students at job fairs and give lectures at various universities to talk about our business. We can also be seen in magazine and advertising. As part of efforts to maintain and develop our employees, we offer education that is linked to both engineering plans and business challenges.

Leadership in RUAG is characterized by visibility. It’s important that our leaders contribute to help our employees feel involved. We also strive to achieve the ability to adapt to different leadership situations. Respectful of human beings, combined with an interest in the company's development we believe will generate a leadership that creates commitment and results.

RUAG Space is committed to be a workplace with a balance between work and leisure and we believe that diversity contributes to a nicer working environment. We give our employees opportunities for wellness and offering health insurance for all employees. Happy and healthy employees create better results and a more pleasant workplace.