Helena Norrman

How did you come to join RUAG Space?

RUAG was well known to me during my studies in space technology as one of the few companies in Sweden that make equipment for space applications. They have always had a reputation as a good place to work, so when I saw the job-ad on the home page I applied at once and joined the company in 2008.

Tell us about your current role and its main responsibilities

I work as a design engineer in the microwave electronics department. Our main products are frequency converters for communication satellites, but we also have other research projects. As the market evolves we always have to make our products better and I would typically be involved in the electrical design. This involves both simulations and measurements to make sure the design behaves as intended.

Have you had other roles and assignments within RUAG Space? What would you like to do here in the future?

I am still fairly new but I feel that I have had the opportunity to work with very varied tasks. Apart from design I have also been involved with testing of flight products. It gives an insight into flight projects and the interface to the customer within it. It might be interesting to work more closely to the customer in the future.

How would you describe the culture of RUAG Space?

I have always felt I can ask my colleagues anything, concerning both design work and in general how things work here. As a new employee you are always a bit lost in the beginning but everybody’s been very helpful.

Why do you think someone should consider working for a company like RUAG Space?

I have always appreciated working in a business where you are allowed the time to really work the design, remember, our products have to function 10-15 years without any chance of repairs! I think this is something that influences how we work at all levels. Since I started here I have noticed that many of my colleagues have worked here 10 years or longer, to me that is an indication that this is a good place to work.