Andreas Söderberg

How did you come to join RUAG Space?

I joined the company in 1995. I answered to an ad in the paper looking for mechanical design engineers. During the interview I felt immediately that this company is a place where I could really enjoy working. The space business itself attracted me and the company gives you a possibility to follow a product from proposal to delivery which means that you have the possibility to see the complete picture.

Tell us about your current role and its main responsibilities

I am currently working as a project manager in the Microwave and Digital Products Division. This means that I have the full responsibility of a project from start to finish. I have to keep track of the technical development, production of hardware as well as project cost and schedule. I am RUAG Space's interface towards our customers which are big satellite manufacturers in for example France, Italy, Germany and the United States. I also report the project status to my division management.

Have you had other roles and assignments within RUAG Space? What would you like to do here in the future?

I started out as a mechanical design engineer at the Antenna Department. This assignment evolved to include responsibilities for a specific product line within the Antenna Department.

How would you describe the culture of RUAG Space?

The culture at RUAG Space is very open. Everybody gets a chance to express their opinion and is part of decisions taken.

Why do you think someone should consider working for a company like RUAG Space?

It is a great place to work with a lot of very dedicated employees. The space business is on one hand a conservative business but on the other is always forced to take new steps in technical development. This leads to very challenging tasks to work with and new interesting possibilities arise almost every day.