You want to become a Rocket Scientist with RUAG Space?

At our four locations in Switzerland more than 500 employees of RUAG Space develop, manufacture and test subsystems and equipment for satellites and launchers. European Ariane 5 rocket, Meteosat weather satellites or global navigation system Galileo – RUAG Space engineers have been contributing to almost every European space mission.

Teamwork, mutual trust and respect characterize the work environment at RUAG Space. Our employees are working in a dynamic international ambience, in close cooperation with customers and partners around the world, or - at our Swiss sites - in multinational project teams.

The success of RUAG Space is based on the skills and commitment of our staff, on the accuracy and reliability of our mechanics, and on the creativity and know-how of our engineers. With their ideas, their innovations and their products, the workforce (oder staff oder team) of Space RUAG is pushing the limits of what is technically feasible just a little further ever day.

The global market for Space products and services further expanding and RUAG Space over the recent years has been consistently growing. We are constantly looking for qualified and motivated employees.

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