Command & Data Handling Systems

RUAG Space has a large heritage of products in this area. Systems from RUAG Space have been taking care of the command and data handling function on more than 80 telecommunications, earth observation and scientific satellites since the late 60's. The RUAG systems have an accumulated failure-free life of more than 600 years in orbit.

The data handling system is the engine allowing development of platform, launcher and instrument control where building blocks are re-used. See also pages on guidance and control and payload processing and control.

RUAG Space develops and manufactures both general and special designed Command and Data Handling Systems, including flight software and attitude control.

RUAG’s reliable on-board “butlers” control and monitor satellite subsystems and payloads. They perform on-board telecommand and telemetry functions such as collecting and formatting platform and payload data for down-link, distributing and executing up-linked telecommands as well as controlling temperatures, power distribution, pyro release, etc.

RUAG Space’s main products presently in production are the ERC-32 based systems supplied to most of ESA scientific missions since Herschel and Planck beeing the first in the SMU2001 generation. Its processor core, "Tiger", offers higher performance at lower mass and power consumption than ever before. Versions ranging from Mars missions to LEO orbit missions can be provided.

In the near future, another step will be taken in introducing a rad-hard ASIC including both the SPARC V8 processor "LEON" and all of its I/O support. RUAG Space nicknames the new product "Panther" to give the sense of its speed and flexibility.

This generation introduces a modern S/W development environment as a complement to the state-of-the-art H/W.

The first delivery of this new generation called SMU2010 will be made for the Small Geo project.