Guidance & Control

RUAG Space fault-tolerant computers are used in launchers for guidance and control.

RUAG has supplied more than 200 Guidance & Control computers for the Ariane 4 and 5. They all feature a robust and fault-tolerant design, high error detection coverage and SEU immune components.

Furthermore, the designs are based on full exploitation of the very latest generations of ASICs and processors in combination with state-of-the-art production processes.

The current product is based on the ERC-32 processor with IO support for typical launcher control purposes. Versions are available adapted to the upcoming European VEGA launcher and development for the next generation of Ariane 5 OBC is ongoing.

In the near future, another step will be taken in introducing a rad-hard ASIC including both the SPARC V8 processor "LEON" and all of its I/O support. The development of the rover OBC for the Exo-Mars mission has been started.