Dynamic Switch Matrix

The Product

RUAG Space (RSA) announces the availability of its space-qualified routing switch ASIC, the Dynamic Switch Matrix (DSM).

The DSM is intended to meet the needs of future, space-borne, high-capability data-handling infrastructure. One DSM or a number of cascaded DSMs form the core payload data network connecting e.g., sensors, processing boards, mass-memory units, and telemetry units.

Ten high-speed, full-duplex, serial communication link interfaces compatible to SpaceWire and the SMCS chip are provided. Packets can be routed between any pair of link interfaces, not affecting the transfer between a second pair of interfaces.

An evaluation board (picture) is available upon request. It provides easy access to the DSM link interfaces, shifted to LVDS level, via SpaceWire connectors.



The DSM provides: 

  • 10 full duplex, CMOS-level, high data rate (2 – 70 Mbit/s) serial link interfaces compatible with SpaceWire and the SMCS chip,
  • low-latency wormhole routing with non-blocking connectivity, hardware addressing, and configurable header deletion,
  • configuration, control, and error signalling via a user-selectable link interface,
  • radiation hardness (SEU free), high reliability, extended temperature range,
  • low power consumption (individual disabling of un-used link interfaces),
  • a JTAG interface (IEEE 1149.1), and
  • 16 general-purpose in/outputs.

Technical Data:

  • Package: 132 QFP (25 mil pin spacing)
  • Power Supply: 5 V (±10 %)
  • Power Dissipation: (70 MHz clock)
    - 0.5 W in standby
    - 2.0 W with all interfaces running
  • Temperature Range: -55 – +125 °C
  • Radiation Hardness: >= 70 krad (Si)
  • Reliability: MIL-HDBK-217F @ 30°C: 20 FIT




The product has been developed in the frame of the ARTES 5 program. The picture shows the DSM evaluation board with SpaceWire connectors.