Connecting the world is essential.
We help satellites communicate.

Communication is a basic function of all satellites. Capability to communicate safely with the household fuctions of a satellite in space through its TT&C system is a mandatory starter. RUAG Space has been supplying TT&C antennas for satellites with all kinds of missions for more than thirty years. The big volume is in S-band helices but also other design concepts are used depending on frequency allocation and coverage requirements. Today, Ka-band is increasingly popular.

When it comes to payloads, RUAG Space can offer a range of hardware solutions:

Frequency converters and receivers are supplied to most of the leading manufacturers of telecommunication satellites both in Europe, Asia and in the USA. The product portfolio spans frequencies from L-band to Ka-band in compact, reliable designs.

Light-weight CFRP reflector antennas including Gregorian double-reflector systems can be offered.

For inter-satellite links, RUAG is one of the few companies capable of offering ultra-wideband optical links.