Precise orientation in space.
Precise engineering on earth.

RUAG Space has been developing and building spacecraft structures for a good 40 years. Most of the Satellites of the European Space Agency ESA are equipped with structures from RUAG Space, which are made of metal, composite or hybrid technology depending on the demands.

RUAG offers a wide range of mechanisms and mechanical equipment to institutional and commercial space customers. The company is a global leader in Solar Array Drive Mechanisms for all types of satellites, in sliprings for application in space and in Mechanical Ground Support Equipment. Other important fields of application are thruster and antenna pointing.

RUAG Space is also one of the world’s major providers of Thermal Equipment, especially Multi Layer Insulation.

Many of RUAG’s technologies are also of interest for application on earth. For example, slip rings developed by RUAG Space are used in centrifuges, packing machines and mobile radar systems. The company Carl Zeiss equips its optical systems for microchip fabrication with RUAG’s precision mechanisms, and thermal insulation materials made by RUAG Space are employed not only on board satellites, but also in medical devices.