Slip rings for Space Applications


  • Efficient and reliable systems working in space since 25 years
  • Outstanding flight heritage
  • Reliable in extreme temperatures (from -120° to 300°C)
  • Double insulation
  • Very high power density Robust arcing protection

With an outstanding flight heritage of more than 1300 years in space, RUAG Space Nyon is the leading manufacturer of slip rings for space applications worldwide. Efficiency and reliability are the key factors of a success that has reached the edge of our solar system. Most of telecommunication satellites worldwide are equipped with Ruag Space Nyon slip rings (100 satellites currently flying, representing 40% of the total number of satellites).

Ruag Space Nyon slip rings have also been extensively used for decades in space mechanisms and instruments such as: radiometers, control momentum gyros, centrifuges, antenna pointing mechanisms, drilling mechanisms, despin mechanisms, …

With visits to Vesta, Ceres, the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and Mercury in the near future, RUAG Space has a vast know-how on slip rings working under extreme conditions.