Custom Tailored Insulation

Based on customers specific geometrical and thermal requirements RUAG Space can work out the composition and the design of specific pre-cut and pre-assembled insulation to achieve your system requirements. For Helium and Nitrogen systems RUAG will define the number of reflective layers, optimize the shape of blankets and overlaps, cut and pre-assemble the blankets for minimization of the customer’s installation effort.

Blankets can be made out of aluminized polyester or from Aluminum foil, with polyester or glass fiber spacer, including He-Can foils, including welding protection, tapes and Velcros for installation and even more features.

The customer shall receive one kit of insulation with all thermal components needed, even with heaters or temperature sensors.

RUAG Space can supply prototype kits and kits serial production, if required to consignment stock or according to the customer’s logistics demand, e.g. just in time delivery or KANBAN.