Multi-Layer Insulation – Space

The following manufacturing steps are involved in manufacturing MLI blankets and foils:

  • Pre-treatment of materials (cleaning of washers etc.)
  • Compilation of the inner package of the MLI
  • Cut to shape of the outer layer according to templates
  • Cut to shape of the inner package according to templates
  • Application of the outer layer to the inner package
  • Manufacturing of the grounding points with their respective bonding leads
  • Closure of blanket edges by means of lugs with PSA or sewing

Protective covers will be used during manufacture to avoid any contamination if necessary.

MLI will be packed and shipped in double bagging and aluminium containers or boxes.

Each MLI bag features desiccants in pockets and a humidity indicator.

Large blankets / foils, which must be folded once for packing into the container will be packed singly.

For large programs RUAG Space will utilize custom made RUAG MLI transport containers.

RUAG Space normally performs the initial integration of the thermal control items including associated attachment and grounding elements at the customer or other premises.

In order to support the integration, a dedicated procedure will be established, which will be sufficiently detailed for experienced AIT personnel. This procedure will be refined during and updated after integration of the first model.