Company Policy

Increase of Customer Competitiveness and Satisfaction is our most important goal. This means for us to meet all agreed requirements on products, services and reporting at the lowest possible cost, and to excel in anticipating and quickly responding to Customer needs.

RUAG Space Austria has implemented an Integrated Management System, comprising both a Quality Management System as well as an Environmental Management System. This Management System is based on a Customer-oriented process approach with clear interaction between Management, Business, Support and Improvement processes and with defined responsibilities for all people involved in the application of processes within RUAG Space Austria┬┤s projects.

This Integrated Process Management System is certified to

and, in addition, complies with specific space requirements like ECSS / ESA PSS.


Towards our PROCESSES: to increase efficiency via Key Performance Indicators, allowing evaluation and continuous improvement of process performance and process environment, and to ensure the availability of state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

Towards the ENVIRONMENT: to minimise Environmental Impacts by complying with legal environmental requirements and improving environmental performance through careful and sustainable usage of resources, thus minimising emissions and avoiding hazardous materials.