Environmental Management

Derived from the RUAG Space Austria business mission and the company policy the management of environmental aspects in the daily work at RUAG Space Austria shall guarantee that:

  • the products and activities carried out by RUAG Space Austria cause minimum impact on our environment
  • environmental and sustainability requirements and expectations from authorities, owners, customers, employees and other stakeholders are fulfilled
  • all employees are aware of the importance and support the company goals in this matter

This is achieved by analyzing the most important environmental impacts of RUAG Space Austria activities, resulting in particular attention on the following topics:

  • Usage of Energy
  • Usage of Chemicals
  • Waste Management
  • Usage of materials and components in products

These environmental aspects are in the focus of ongoing and planned improvement projects launched and carried out by RUAG Space Austria. This is emphasized by the participation of RUAG Space Austria in the environmental initiative of the City of Vienna, the so-called «Ökobusiness Plan Wien» (ÖBP).

In the frame of this program RUAG Space Austria has achieved the «Ökoprofit» Awards in the years 2000 - 2013 and is continuing in this program.

Up to now, major achievements of the improvement program have been:

  • Reduction in energy consumption for heating
  • Reduction in consumption of other important resources like cleaning agents or paper
  • Reduction of waste and increase of recycling rate
  • Phase out of chemicals
  • Increased attractivity of public transport for RSA employees (Successful application for the introduction of a new bus-stop close to RSA premises - winner of the Viennese ÖkoBusinessPlan Award 2004)
  • Achievement of the ÖBP Award for issuing of first "Sustainability Report 2006

Please see all RUAG Space Austria activities of the last years:

The company management is committed to keeping any impacts of the RUAG Space Austria activities on the environment at the minimum level and is regularly reviewing the environmental aspects of all operations.

In order to secure the spreading of the environmental goals within the company, the internal communication platforms like the company Intranet are providing up-to-date results of the environmental activities. Besides, recommendations and guidelines for employees, e.g. in the area of waste management, are separately posted.