Facilities & Tools


The RUAG Space Austria Head Office with its management, engineering, manufacturing and administration departments is located in Vienna, in two office buildings located close to each other.


In addition to that, a second voluminous cleanroom area is located in Berndorf, 50 km south of Vienna, used for production of Thermal Hardware and integration.

RUAG Space Austria has at its disposal in-house virtually all of the facilities and tools required for development of space and ground equipment. In the following the most relevant facilities and tools are listed.

Clean Rooms

Vienna facilities:

PCB assembly, inspection, coating and equipment integration and testing

  • Class 100.000 US Federal Standard 209E
  • Interior Dimensions: 200 sqm
  • Cleanroom Assembly Area
  • Asscon Vapour Phase Soldering Machine VP53
  • Automatic Pick And Place Machine.

RSA has introduced a new soldering process for surface mount technology (SMT) in flight standard electronics manufacturing.

  • Maximum PCB Size: 500 x 350 mm
  • Vapour temperature: 210 °C

The main advantage of this type of reflow soldering is the constant process temperature eliminating the danger of component overheating in contrast to hot air or infra red reflow soldering.

Berndorf facilities:

Thermal Hardware production and test and integration of large mechanical equipment

  • Class 10.000 US Federal Standard 209E
  • Interior Dimensions: 265 sqm
  • Multi Layer Insulation Manufacturing

Environmental Test Facilities

0,6 m Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Chamber dimensions:
usable length: 800 mm
width: 600 mm
height: 600mm

Vacuum System:     
Operating pressure: p <= 10-5 mbar

Temperature range:     
Thermal wall: -70 °C to +95 °C
Optional: -170 °C to +200 °C
Thermal platform: -60 °C to +95 °C

Vibration System 730/DPA 10K:

Rated Peak Sine Force: 8896 N
Frequency Range: DC to 3000 Hz
Rated Travel: 50 mm
Max. Acceleration:  Sine 75 g Peak
Random: 60 g


EMC Test Facility

RSA performs all conducted emission and susceptibility tests in its own facility.

Laboratories and Workshops

In RSA laboratories a large number of state-of-the-art electronics test and measurement equipment, both in the digital and the analogue domain, is available.

The electrical workshop provides all means for Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) soldering, harness manufacturing, testing, etc. needed for breadboard and ground support equipment assembly.

The mechanical workshop is equipped with a 4-axes CNC milling machine and standard Drilling, Grinding, Sawing, Cutting, Bending and Punching Machines.

Electrical Design Tools

Digital Design:JTAG Test Software Goeppel
Timing Designer
ASIC Design:Actel design kit
Cadence NC-VHDL
Emacs with VHDL support mode
Mentor Model_Sim
Synopsis Synthesis
Xilinx design kit
Microwave Design:AGILENT ADS
Software Engineering:Artisan Studio
gnu tool chain
Microsoft VisualStudio
Tornado (VxWorks)
Visual Slick Edit
Analog Design:Magnetics Designer
System Design:DOORS
Labwindows CVI