Electronics Production

Automated processes

The facility has the following equipment for automated PCB production: 

  • Component form and trim tools
  • Solder paste dispenser
  • Screen printing equipment
  • Pick-and-place machines
  • Forced convection reflow soldering oven
  • Rework and repair equipment
  • Wave soldering equipments, including selective wave soldering equipment
  • Cleaning equipment 

We also have service facilities such as nitrogen and dry air storage cabinets for moisture sensitive materials, baking ovens, qualified processes for application of different adhesives, coatings etc.

Hybrid Circuits

In a separate class 10 000 partition of the clean-room, we manufacture Multi-Chip Modules on CFC and other alumina substrates using wedge or ribbon-bonding. Full electrical tests, die shear and bond-pull tests can be performed.

The MCM-facility has the following equipment for hybrid-production:

  • Die Mounting of chip 
  • Wedge bonding 
  • Ribbon bonding 
  • Gap welding 
  • Die shear / Bond pull 
  • Electrical test

PCB types

We manufacture both completely surface-mounted PCB´s and PCB´s with a varying degree of hole-mounted components. 

We have experience from up to thermally theavy 22-layer boards, flexible and combinations of flexible and rigid boards, Thermount, Polyimid, hard-back duroid, TMM boards etc. 

Component types

We regularly produce boards populated with a large variety of component types. For example large Quad Flat Packs with around 300 pins and 0,5 mm pitch and small ceramic 0402 size resistors, both for the military, medical and space market. As a standard during space production we automatically control the electrical value of all passive components mounted onto our boards to ensure the quality, which of course is a possibility also for non-space products. We were one of the first companies within the space industry that were awarded with an ESA qualification for use of Area Array Packages, such as Column Grid Arrays CGA, in our products.

Electrical tests

Electrical tests are made routinely along the manufacturing flow on fully automated test stations. If needed, thermal tests can be made already on PCB level to minimize rework costs.


We perform ICT with a tester designed for high volume production tests. Equipped with a Press-Down Unit and a combination of analog and hybrid In-Circuit test pins, the tester can be equipped with functional test modules to provide higher fault coverage and thus satisfy the test requirements of a vast number of customers. 

The system can be equipped with up to 2000 analog or 1600 hybrid pins, providing a reasonable-size platform.  

We also possess a set of software tools to provide Design for Testability checks, fixture designs, and to generate circuit descriptions.

We can perform vibration, shock, thermal cycling and thermal vacuum testing within the clean-room area. EMC tests can be performed in a nearby contracted facility. 

Contract us for handling components for you! We have excellent relations and competence in the complete chain of activities in handling components:

  • Specification
  • Procurement
  • Incoming inspection
  • Tests
  • Failure analysis, etc.

This also goes for mechanical piece parts and PCB´s.
Our automated high-storage facility connected to the MPC-system will see to that your components are well-kept until needed.