Laboratory and test facilities


RUAG Space analysis laboratory and environmental stress test facility is well equipped for test and analyses of electronic components, materials and assembled equipment.

In addition to our own facilities, we have also access to equipment at nearby universities and research institutes.

Equipment for analysis of material properties:

  • Perkin-Elmer DMA 7e (Dynamic Mechanical Analyser)
  • Perkin-Elmer Pysis 1 TGA (Thermo Gravimetric Analyser)
  • TA Instruments DSC Q100
  • Perkin-Elmer Spectrum GX FT-IR (Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectrophotometer)
  • Carl Zeiss EVO-50EP ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope)
  • EDAX Genesis 4000 EDS System (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer)
  • Leica VMHT MOT Micro Hardness Tester
  • Buehler and Struers Diamond Saws - Buehler Semi-automatic Sample Preparation System

Equipment for analysis of electronic parts:

  • SZ Unites M3000 Universal Component Test System
  • Keithely Instruments 4200-SCS/F Semiconductor Characerization System
  • Karl Suss KG SUSS PSM 6 sub-micron prober
  • VacuTec VPS 1540B Single chamber plasma etcher and reactive ion etcher
  • Fine focus Y. Cougar SMT real time x-ray equipment
  • Tester Inc. Model 4501L PIND tester
  • Alcatel AS;120H fine leak tester
  • TRIO-TECH G-203A gross leak tester
  • Carl Zeiss and Leica optical microscopes
    Nikon and Jenoptik digital cameras
  • Unitek Micropull IV for bond pull test equipment
  • Sebastian V die shear test equipment
  • Royce 552 for die shear and bond pull tests

Equipment for environmental stress testing:

  • Heraeus ovens for life test and step stress test
  • Heraeus Vötsch ht/57035 temperature test chamber
  • Heraus Vötsch vt/70112 s2 temperature shock chamber
  • ESPEC PL-2K temperature and humidity test chamber
  • Ling Dynamics V826 and V894 vibrators
  • Ling Dynamics LPT 600 and 600C slip tables
  • Ringing Table for shock Testing
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers (four, of different sizes)
  • Access to EMC test facilities

Equipment for radiation testing: 

  • 252Cf SEU (Single Event Upset) test system
  • Access to total dose test facility (60Co)