Antenna test range


The RUAG Space antenna test range is highly automated and is fully equipped for measurements of RF-performance from 800 MHz to 40 GHz.

The  test range is a dual mode facility where the antenna under test (AUT) can be either a passive antenna or an active antenna and measured in either receive or transmit mode. It is used for applications that range from far-field measurements of small antennas to near-field testing of directive reflector and array antennas. It is possible to measure four ports on the AUT and two polarisations on the range antenna simultaneously.

The anechoic chamber is a 5 (width) x 5 (height) x 9 (length) m³ rectangular chamber lined with pyramidal absorbers. To protect the measurements from external disturbances, or to protect the outer environment when active antennas are tested, the facility is RF shielded. The level of shielding is better than 90 dB. Access to the test object is via a drawbridge, see figure ....

The frequency range covered is 0.8 – 40 GHz and the measurement distance is 6 m. The quiet zone diameter is 0.5 m for far-field measurements and more than 1.2 m for near-field measurements.

The positioner features a high precision roll over slide over azimuth system with a tower between the slide and roll positioner. The roll axis is interchangeable between a high precision high load positioner (100 kg load) and an extremely low profile positioner (10 kg load) for measurement of small antennas.