Test Services

Each year a large number of tests and analyses are performed both for external customer and for RUAG Space inhouse projects.

The description below gives an idea about the diversity.

  • Acceptance and qualification tests: vibration-, shock-, thermal vacuum-, thermal cycling- and EMC tests on equipment level.
  • Environmental stress testing: life-, temperature step stress- and humidity tests.
  • Failure analysis: finding the root cause for failures in electronic parts and material as well as investigation of manufacturing process related defects.
  • Constructional analysis: investigation and evaluation of new semiconductors, materials or processes.
  • DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis): destructive inspection of electronic parts and materials.
  • Total ionising dose: radiation verification test (RVT) of a component lot.
  • Heavy ion test: heavy ions and proton testing of single event effects (SEE). Pre-evaluation with Cf252.
  • Pre-cap Inspection, Batch Acceptance: Inspections performed at the component manufactures site.