Committed to Environment Protection and Sustainable Development

RUAG Space contributes to a sustainable development by providing products that serve environmental research and protection. The company is also committed carrying out all its activities in a way that affects the environment as little as possible.

Many of the space systems and components developed and built by RUAG Space are deployed on satellites which contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development: Earth observation satellites assist in understanding the Earth system on a global scale and to monitor the changes of this system. Satellites provide data about environmental phenomena such as global warming, the ozone, winds, ocean currents and the shrinking of polar ice caps and glaciers. In addition these satellites help to monitor compliance with international conventions on environment protection and provide services to aid emergency response in case of natural disasters. By means of satellite navigation, traffic can be managed more efficiently and transport of goods around the world can be optimized. This leads to less fuel consumption and lower emission of carbon dioxide. Communication satellites transfer large amounts of data around the globe. Via phone calls, E-mail or video conferencing people can get in touch with each other without travelling physically and thereby reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints.

RUAG Space is also committed to protect the environment by organizing its processes and carrying out all its activities in a way that affects the environment as little as possible. This comprises:

  • meeting all legal requirements with respect to environment protection
  • continuous efforts to optimize energy consumption
  • responsible handling or hazardous materials such as chemicals
  • sustainable waste disposal and recycling policy
  • inform, educate and motivate employees to support the company’s environmental policy.

Our Sites in Sweden and Austria are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.