Dedicated to Precision and Absolute Reliability

Subsystems for application in space have to fulfil extreme requirements. Exposed to vacuum, extreme temperatures and cosmic radiation, they have to serve their duties for years with absolute reliability, without any possibility for maintenance or repair. Even the failure of a comparably small component can lead to the complete loss of a mission, and all the research and development efforts behind it. That is why highest quality, precision and absolute reliability are features of every single product manufactured by RUAG Space.

Our sites are certified according to the highest international industrial quality and environmental standards

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ISO 9001AS/EN/JISQ 9100

ISO 14001(Environment)

Zürich & Emmen (CH)    xx 
Nyon (CH)x  
Göteborg (SWE)xxx
Linköping (SWE)xxx
Vienna (AT)x x x
Berndorf (AT)x            x             x