M109 Upgrade

RUAG Land Systems Ltd. offers a modular upgrade for the self propelled howitzer M109 which meets the demands of today's and future battle field.

The M109 is an established and widely deployed artillery system. With the RUAG Land Systems Ltd. upgrade it offers state-of-the-art firepower for many years to come. 

Fire Power

  • Increased firing range of up to 36 km
  • Increased rate of fire (burst of 3 rounds in 15 sec.)
  • Increased ammunition autonomy ( 40 rounds, 64 charges)


  • New electrical system (better than Mil STD 1245A)
  • Higher operational readiness
  • Increased mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Fault finding diagnostics with test equipment


  • Navigation and positioning system integrated
  • Increased mobility (gears, engine)
  • Capable of day and night operations
  • Effective fire suppression system installed
  • NEMP und EMP protection
  • Camouflage: paint and netting