Roof protection for armoured vehicles


Artillery bomblets are a serious threat for all armoured vehicles - RUAG Land Systems has developed an effective but light roof protection kit against artillery bomblets for armoured vehicles.

The light-weight protection elements are fixed to the vehicles and can be easily removed again. High-quality material warrants a very good field capability and accessibility.


  • Protection against bomblets: < 50 mm diameter
  • Protection effect against artillery fragments: 20 mm diameter
  • Hit angle up to 45° extend version
  • Required armour basis: STANAG 4569 (protection level III) for vehicles with a lower level of protection
  • Fulfils environmental requirements: STANAG 2895 (A1-A3, B1-B3, C0 und C1)

Technical characteristics: 

  • Specific surface weight: 43 kg/m2
  • Material thickness 31 mm
  • Integrated anti-slip surface
  • Insensitive to soiling
  • The plates can be assembled and disassembled individually
  • Easy handling
  • Adaptable to every contour and shape
  • Surface can be painted