Physical Security

Three benefits at a glance:

  • We ensure your resources and infrastructure are even better protected
  • We make monitoring and intervention easier and faster for you
  • You get even more out of your existing network infrastructure

Integrate data from various surveillance units and use innovative analytical tools to gain an overview and bolster security. RUAG offers you a wide range of services for the physical security of your organisation and infrastructure. Use your existing network as a platform to protect personnel, resources and data.

Our range of services

Project management

Professionally implementing projects from A to Z, including project analysis and focusing on customer satisfaction


Providing support or developing concepts for optimal solutions based on your needs and existing infrastructure


Installing and integrating the new solution in your existing infrastructure and carrying out extensive testing to ensure proper functioning


Providing support for configuration, deployment of the solution, and staff training


Safeguarding operations and maintaining your solution, providing support for planning, and implementing upgrade measures