Migration from Legacy to an all-IP Tactical Network

Many military organizations are on the way to an all-IP based network architecture in order to achieve network-centric operations (tactical internet). Protecting the investments and leverage the existing capabilities is a key factor.

Today‘s Challenges

The installed base features military legacy voice and data interfaces such as EUROCOM or connections to public telephone networks such as analogue telephony or ISDN. A complete ‘green field revolution’ is not affordable (e.g. costs), therefore a seamless all-IP evolution path is more effective.


Tactical openAccess Node (TAN) features

  • Gateway to civilian networks
  • Gateway to military EUROCOM systems
  • PABX functionality incl. support of legacy services for voice and IP traffic
  • Transmission over existing and future links (e.g. Line of Sight)
Tactical LAN Switch Tactical open Access Tactical Power Supply